10 best rugby players to follow on Instagram

10 badass rugby players to follow on Instagram

First, they came to Twitter, and then it was Instagram. As rugby players lined up to create their accounts, they fulfilled every fan’s voyeuristic fantasies by giving them direct access to everything they do.

From a plethora of selfies to pictures of them in training and masterful edits with their family and friends, the world’s most popular photo-sharing site has gone a long way in closing the gap between players and followers.

Here’s who you should be looking at:

1. James Haskell

Big Tuck In Friday’s to everyone.

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Could we start anywhere else? Haskell’s Instagram is a reflection of the man himself – flamboyant and a little bit mental. Rife with selfies at home, at training, on vacation and everywhere else possible, the England flanker’s account is a window into his life.

His funny videos and vlogs are also terrific. Haskell’s profile also provides a great sneak peek into the lives of his teammates as has been shown by his friendships with Owen Farrell and Sean O’Brien in recent times.

2. Dan Carter

Apart from being one of the best looking men in world rugby (the ladies love him!) Dan also posts some really cool photos of his life. Take a look into the day in the life of Dan Carter as he regularly posts and seems to have a dream life!