10 problems only HARDCORE rugby fans will understand

10 problems only HARDCORE rugby fans will understand

From terrible wi-fi to the half-time beer rush and the TMO…the rugby community faces a number of struggles when following their team.

1. A lot of people have no idea what it is or how it’s played.
Unfortunate people – most of which like football…

 2. The TMO
Once or twice is fair enough but it can easily ruin the flow of the game. We came to watch rugby not grass grow. 

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3. Bad Internet Signal In Grounds
Public places everywhere now seem to offer free WiFi but let’s face it, free WiFi for on average 40,000 people could not only prove expensive, but would probably be slow and not really worth the effort.


4. When A Bar Runs Out Of Beer 
When rugby fans roll into town – pubs alcohol stocks can be heavily depleted. Cider really isn’t an option.

5. The Ill-Timed Knock On
It’s been a well-worked move from everyone on the team, now the winger has the ball out wide with a free run at the line…He drops the ball. *SIGH*


6. Overhearing Terrible Opinions On The Game
It can happen anywhere, anytime, in the pub, on the bus, walking down the street, who knows but when it does happen you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and listen.

7. Being Told ‘It’s Only A Game’
It’s not a game, it’s war.

8. The Half Time Beer Rush
It’s one of the age old questions when attending the game; if you need to get the beers in at half- time, when do you go?


9. The Scrum
Sorry, not sorry. The scrum used to be a thing of beauty but reset after reset can test the patience of even the loyalist rugby fan.

10. International Ticket Prices
England tickets especially are hard to come by. A lottery win would help out. 


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