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10 Reasons Why Women Should Play Rugby

7. You’ll have insane legs

You’ll get the best legs you’ve ever seen: Apart from when they’re covered in bruises, of course.

8. Everyone welcome

Any body type is welcomed: You don’t have to be a 15 stone monster to play rugby – there really is a position for everyone. If you’re small and agile, you’ll make the perfect winger. If you’re bigger and stronger, you’ll have a lot of fun as a forward.

9. Food…two dinners on a Sunday after a game is acceptable!

For foodies out there this is a clincher. After a tough game you have earned a post match meal on a Sunday at the club, but there is nothing stopping you from having that roast when you get home too! (Submitted by Fi Fletcher)

10. It’s fun!

Enough said.

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  1. RugbyGirl

    No. 9 is slightly wrong – 3 postmatch meals are perfectly acceptable! (Lunch/tea @ club, @ home + @ pub/mate’s house!

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