10 reasons why you must watch the Six Nations this weekend (even if you don't like rugby) - Ruck

10 reasons why you must watch the Six Nations this weekend (even if you don’t like rugby)

Rugby is not just big blokes hitting each other. Honestly it’s the best thing on TV during February and March!…..And here’s why.

1) What other sporting event would it be acceptable to wear something as stupid as this?


2) It is not just the Welsh who go daft

3) The commentary is always exciting

4) Sometimes the trailers are epic.

5) Every game is live on TV

Get your gang together and organize yourselves now, as every game of this year’s Six Nations Championship will be broadcast live on terrestrial television. The BBC has all the home games of Scotland, Wales and France, while ITV will broadcast the home games Italy, Ireland… and England. Plan your parties now!

6) Even the odd fight



7) Ireland going for a third consecutive title

2016 is a big year for Ireland. Its 100 years since the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin and the Irish are in buoyant mood. No more place will be this be obvious, than on the rugby pitch during the Six Nations Championship, where the team will be defending their 2015 victory. Prepare for some heroic battles during the championship.

8) Okay, well there is a bit of big men smashing into each other…

Rugby is a beautiful sport showcasing some of the greatest athletes in the world. But let’s be honest, one of the biggest draws the sport has are the massive collisions between two (or sometimes more) giant people.

9) Nigel Owens

While it may seem strange to be excited about a referee, Nigel Owens is undoubtedly the best in the world right now.

10) Think footballers have all the skills? Think again.



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