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15 reasons Rugby is a BETTER sport than Football

Pretty self-explanatory really but here are my 10 biggest reasons that rugby is better than football (or soccer for our American friends)

1.The experience
Rugby fans are a great bunch, we all seem capable of getting along even in the biggest of games without the need for a hefty security presence.


2. Respect
The respect isn’t just confined to the fans however as rugby players at least have the decency to show each other respect in both defeat and victory.


World Rugby isn’t an organization that shelters orphans or cures affliction, but next to FIFA it looks like the Red Cross.


4. Money
Since the dawning of the big money Premier League era, football has become a victim of its own success. Lots of clubs and even country’s have lost the identity which made them so special.


There isn’t much chance of seeing rugby players diving, feigning injury or attempting to con the referee. In fact, a rugby player is much more likely to try to manipulate the referee by pretending not to be hurt.


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1 Response

  1. Some of what’s said in this article is true I suppose but you just can’t beat football for skill or the atmosphere.
    Also in rugby it’s all about getting the ball over the line as in footy it’s scoring a goal but there are penalties, free kicks/indirect free kicks, throw ins, corners and 50/50 drop balls.
    You can get alcohol at footy in stadium bars if on hospitality.

    The atmosphere at a big game of footy just can’t be beaten- ever.
    Internationals I.e. Are still great at soccer Scotland v England gets the hairs on the back of my neck standing.
    Don’t know who wrote this article but I think it’s tongue in cheek ( I hope so anyway).