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15 Things Only Female Rugby Players Will Understand

Rugby is a sport unlike any other. When you play rugby, you gain a totally different sports experience. Here is a list of things that become part of a woman rugby player’s life (that we all learn to love):

1) ”You play rugby?” will be a typical response
2) Most guys will actually love the fact you play rugby


3) Constantly having to explain that you’re not in an abusive relationship


4) Brushing grass and dirt out of your hair after a game


5) Playing rugby does not make you a lesbian

6) Scrum caps and mouth guards do not make for attractive accessories…


7) Size really doesn’t matter
8) Bonding with your coach in interesting ways
9) Fake nails are a no go

10) You will end up drinking stupid amounts of alcohol


11) Finding jeans that fit will become a real problem
12) You will know more about your teammates that you ever wanted to needed to


13) Having to explain what it means to be a hooker
14) Get ready to be a ‘rugby girl’ for the rest of your life. It’s like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re in for life.
15) You’ll never regret it! 


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