15 tweets from 2015 that will make you proud to be a rugby fan

1. When Wade reminded us he’s gunning for Rio.

2. And Botica gave Yarde some bants.

3. When Sir Clive reminded us of his worth ethic.

4. When Halfpenny wrote a few words to his fans.

5. When Dan Carter reminded us he is human.

6. When all England rugby fans showed hope.

7. When Mike Brown gave a little praise.

8. And Rutherford shared an utter truth.

9. When this guy proposed.

10. When J.K. Rowling showed up to support Henry Fraser’s first art exhibition.

11. When Marler proved he’ll never change.

12. When…

13. When fans stood united in the face of terrorism.

14. When Clive Woodward shared this tribute.

15. And when a son said goodbye to his father.

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