18 BRILLIANT rugby lookalikes – Sam Warburton and Woody? Wayne Barnes and Tin Tin? Stuart Hogg and Phil Jones?

It’s a silly debate we’ve all had with our mates from time to time.

Whether we’ve just spotted a 65-year-old chubby bloke in the street who is “the spitting image” of Jason Leonard, or the latest useless bloke to walk onto the stage of a TV talent show who looks “just like” Owen Farrell, there’s no doubt rugby lookalikes will always be a talking point and source of comedy.

So here is our compiled list of 18 rugby players who we think look like celebrities and feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments.

1. The one beats opponents with his feet, the other beats opponents till they drop

2. Pretty sure these two are the same person

3. We love this one.


4. Get those claws out! French wing Maxime Medard and WolverineLOGAN