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18 questions all rugby coaches have asked themselves

1. I wouldn’t be making that much more money in football, right?

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Right?? Right. Right.


2. Would this kids parent be mad at me if I told him he needed to buy some deodorant ASAP?

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3. WTF, they just called me Coach Carter…

I’ll take that. He is the Don.


4. Would anybody notice if I finished our session a little early?


5. Is this parent seriously telling me that their child is “very gifted” and it’s hurting the team if he doesn’t start?

Lol. “very gifted”.


6. Will I need to coach on boxing day, or can I cancel training?

I’m going to be SO hungover.


7. Am I just a regular hero, or the greatest hero of all time for giving this kid extra kicking sessions?


8. I wonder what it would be like to lie in on a Sunday…


9. Like, what did this kid’s parents do so right?

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10. When this kid plays for his country, will he thank me in his speech?

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11. Ok, WHAT do I have to do to get these kids to not drop the ball???


12. How honest should I be when someone asks me how their kid played?


13. How does this kid not know how to tie his shoe lace? He is 9?!


14. Shall I just quit? Is it really worth the effort?!


15. Does this kid need to grow up a bit, or will he always ba a little sh*t?



16. Did those two really think I didn’t see that?


What do you take me for?


17. Is it 74 days till the end of season, or 75?


18. Why am I crying at the EOS when these kids give me so much pain?

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