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22 little moments every rugby player loves

Life is so good when your mouth guard doesn’t smell.

1. When your coach gives you the set plays and you understand them first time around.

2. When you you go outside and it’s not as cold/hot as you expected.
3. When the person running in front of you during practice gives a really strong pass.

4. When you check out a draw and see that you’ve been placed in a pool with your local rivals.

5. When you find a gap and make an incredible break (you know the feeling).
6. When your team mum/coach/medic has orange slices for you at half-time.

7. When you’re able to get showered and changed after training faster than you anticipated.

8. When the pitch at an away club has been looked after.
9. When the changing rooms at an away club are clean.

10. When you think the tackle you are about to receive is going to really hurt, but it doesn’t.

11. When your number jersey fits perfectly.
12. When it is hailing and your coach tells you to put your trainers on, you are training inside.

13. When you run out on to the pitch to start the match and you feel like a team of Gladiators.

14. The moment you get out of an intense training session and you feel like you can eat literally anything.
15. Or when you finish after a match and you decide to eat out.

16. When you hit a really big tackle that results in your team getting possession.

17. When you skip training and find out later it was hill sprints.
18. When you wake up early and realise you don’t have morning training that day.

19. When you catch a high kick.

20. When you pick out a ball that still has its grip and isn’t flat.
21. When you get to the tackle bag cupboard and your favourite bag is there (you know the one).

22. When a really good song comes on the speakers during a pyramid set.

Have we missed out your favourite moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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