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5 Myths and Misconceptions About Concussions

Whilst the rough and tumble is part of the attraction of a high-impact sport, the consequences of a concussion are not to be undermined.

Researchers recently uncovered that suffering from a concussion in your 20’s can increase the risk of dementia by 60%.

To help raise awareness of this mild brain injury, Samurai Sports have delved into which sports have the highest concussion rates and recommended recovery tips: https://www.samurai-sports.com/concussion-in-sport/

However, here are five Myths and Misconceptions About Concussions:
1.      A helmet will prevent concussion – Helmets can prevent cuts and skull fractures but they are yet to be proven to prevent concussions. 

2.      You need to be hit in the head – As concussions are caused by the internal motion of the brain, they can also be caused by a hit to the neck or chest.


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