5 of the best fights between team-mates ft Cipriani, Haskell & Moody

4. Brian O’Driscoll & Austin Healey, 2001

When England’s Austin Healy began poking fun at a swollen and bruised Ronan O’Gara during the 2001 Lions tour of Australia, a young Brian O’Driscoll snapped and beat the lard out of him.

Here is legendary hooker Keith Wood’s version of events.

“Austin came in and he was being an unbelievable pain in the a**e. I mean beyond all belief. He was touching ROG’s face and saying ‘c’mom Rog, let’s have a little boxing match.,, c’mon c’mon’.

“ROG just said ‘p**s off, just leave me alone, get away from me’ and then suddenly this little voice peeps in… ‘I’ll have a bit of that,’ says Drico and they put on a pair of boxing gloves and Drico beat the living crap out of him.


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