9 Things That Happen The Day After An Intense Training Session| RUCK

9 things that happen the day after an intense training session

1. You wake up and remember your training session and automatically feel like a champion.

2. You lie in bed daydreaming about all your future try celebrations.


3. And how stacked you are going to get and how literally all the rugby chasers are going to swoon over you.

4. You’re all set to check yourself out in the bathroom mirror when you realise you can’t move. Your limbs are basically on fire.

5. When you get to the mirror you realise you are covered in bruises.

6. Then you try to sit down. THIS FEELING IS THE WORST.

7. You go about your business and walk around like you have serious problems down there.

8. At this point, the only thing that can ease the pain is acting sloth-like and replacing all the calories you burnt at training.

9. Until you pull yourself together because you are a machine and your team depends on you.

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