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“Absolute madness” – Five biggest fines handed out in rugby union

Don’t break rules, kids. If you do, you’ll have to pay the price just as these rugby stars did over the years.

RUCK is here to break down the five biggest real life fines ever handed out in rugby but you let us know in the comments if you think any of these fines are particularly egregious

#1. Bloodgate – £260,000

During a Heineken Cup match in 2009 against Leinster, Harlequins wing Tom Williams was instructed to bite a fake blood capsule. This ruse aimed to facilitate his temporary substitution so that specialist kicker Nick Evans could be brought onto the field.

Almost immediately, suspicions arose due to the bright red color of the ‘blood’ as the capsule had been purchased from a novelty shop. Furthermore, Williams was caught winking on camera as he left the field.

Initially, Williams remained silent under the club’s orders, but he eventually confessed, exposing the scandal. As a result, the club was fined £260,000, director of rugby Dean Richards received a three-year ban, and doctor Wendy Chapman faced suspension by the General Medical Council. Chapman had cut Williams’ lip in the changing room to fabricate evidence of an injury.