"Absolutely rank" - The five worst Rugby World Cup kits ever have been ranked - Ruck

“Absolutely rank” – The five worst Rugby World Cup kits ever have been ranked

Irish Rugby posted a photo of JW Anderson, who is the son of former Ireland captain Willie Anderson wearing the new jersey, saying: “A sneak peak of the new Canterbury Ireland jersey on the catwalk!”

They then added: “At the unveiling of his new collection, delighted to have designer Jonathan Anderson give a preview. The full range will drop in July.”

Reacting to the jersey, one fan wrote: “I’ve never felt as underwhelmed”

A second commented: “Like this might actually be the worst jersey launch I’ve seen”

“Well this is atrocious. And this is how we find out…” commented another.

However, that new Ireland jersey doesn’t make our top five worst Rugby World Cup jerseys.

If anything its inoffensively dull.

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5. Match Officials – 1991

For reasons lost in the mist of time, the 1991 World Cup saw the referees kitted out in a design seemingly inspired by an out of tune television picture (yes, youngsters, TV wasn’t always digital). The only advantage was perhaps it helped distract from any questionable decisions as everyone was too busy trying to retune their TV to notice any errors.