Another England international reveals he wants to do American Football training

Anthony Watson is still going through the long, rehabilitation process after a second Achilles’ tendon operation in the Summer.

He is working his proverbials off trying to come back early next year “better than ever”. Outside of rugby, Watson is a massive American football fan.

Christian Wade, another Premiership star, has left the sport to pursue his dream of making it in the NFL. That’s something Watson has mooted in the past as a possible goal one day, but for now it’s on the back-burner.

“I would love to still do some of the training,” he said. “The training methods are very translatable to rugby, especially the footwork side of things.

“I think that would be great for my development as a player. I would consider that type of thing going forward, but in terms of actually playing American football, I’m not sure. “

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