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Autobiography Wars | Joe Marler hides Haskell’s book in Waterstones

Both Joe Marler and Jame Haskell have released autobiographies in the last week with ‘Loose Head: Confessions of an (un)professional rugby player‘ and ‘What a flanker‘ hitting the shelves.

In a battle for sales, Marler has taken to hiding his former teammates book in Waterstones.

The clip from social media is seriously funny and quickly went viral!

5 people who should avoid reading James Haskell’s new autobiography

1. Lawrence Dallaglio

Although the story regarding the England and Wasps isn’t particularly standout or shocking, it does make him look like a bit of a dick.

Before the 2007 World Cup, he invited Haskell to his hotel room for afternoon tea.

Hask found him ‘reclining on his bed in a fluffy dressing gown, like some ailing monarch.’

After making Haskell pour him a cup of tea, Dallaglio said: “Hask, I’ve been speaking to Brian (Ashton) and we’ve decided to take you to the World Cup.”

Despite spending £50 on the afternoon tea, Haskell left in a state of high excitement.

However, a few weeks later he discovered when the squad was announced and he wasn’t in it. He was never given a reason why by the Wasps captain. Baffling.


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