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Become a rugby writer –

With over 20 million visitors from over 50 countries in 2019, is one of the fastest growing rugby news sites in the world.

We are committed to helping aspiring rugby writers gain an advantage, by giving them a chance to have their work read by thousands of fans across the world.

The door at RUCK is always open for new writers and columnists. Whether you are an expert writer or just a fan started football writing, we provide an opportunity to each and every standard of rugby writers.


To send an article, story or collection of photos please email [email protected]

Our Aim launched in September 2015 with the aim of bringing rugby online publishing into the modern day through exciting content that is perfect for social sharing and engagement.

All work must be original and shouldn’t appear anywhere else online. If your submission is successful, we will ask you to send us a profile photo and a short (less than 50-word) bio about yourself.

All submissions will of course be credited to you and appropriate links to your website and/or Twitter profile will be included.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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