The 15 best Eddie Jones quotes

The England chief isn’t one to mince his words. Like most Australians, he’s blunt and to the point. 
Here are some of his BEST quotes…

1. “There are no world-class players here, not at the moment, but we will in four years.”
2. “No one can play in two completely different positions…and no other team in the world of rugby would try to do that.”
3. If Japan reach the quarter-finals of the Rugby Word Cup then I can retire. Sit back, enjoy and criticise and be like Clive Woodward on the Television.”
4. “We want to go out there and smack Italy. I said to the boys ‘go out and give them a good hiding.'”
5. “Arrogance is only bad when you lose. If you are winning and you are arrogant it is self-belief.”
6. “England picked a rookie coach to coach a team at the World Cup.”
7. “It might be the long hair and the beard. Tom Wood is like Samson – he gets better with longer hair.”
8. “If you are not physical in rugby, you may as well be playing volleyball or curling.”
9. “We cannot get too ahead of ourselves. We are only the number two team in the world and we want to be number one.”
10. “He’s now like Rambo!” – on Tom Wood
11. “Jamie Roberts is leading the charge now so George Ford is going to park himself in front of the M4.”
12. “I just went through immigration and I got shunted through the area where everything got checked. That’s what I’m expecting, mate. Everything that’s done around the game is going to be coordinated. All coordinated to help Australia win. We’ve got to be good enough to control what we can control,”
13. “I’ve coached for 20 years and I’ve never worked harder. I’m getting too old for this. I’m 55. I should be in Barbados watching cricket.”
14. “Sir Clive (Woodward) summed it up best when he said everyone hates England. And it’s true. Because of the history that is involved, the surrounding countries with the social and historical context, that long-seated rivalry – you can feel that hatred of England,”
15. “My vision was that they should be more ‘English’, so I kept repeating the message in different ways.”
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