Billy Vunipola has revealed when he'll be back from latest injury - Ruck

Billy Vunipola has revealed when he’ll be back from latest injury

Billy Vunipola joined host Alex Payne and England teammate James Haskell on House of Rugby  – and started off by showing the two massive, surgical scars he has down the inside of both forearms.

Asked about his re-hab and recovery, Vunipola replied, “It’s good. I’ve been training for three weeks now. A lot of bike fitness and leg weights, and some running.” On a return to play date, he commented:

“I’m hoping the last week of December, or maybe the first week of January. But it’s Christmas and New Year so maybe we’ll see!

“That’s about 10 weeks. The injury itself is usually 10 to 12 [weeks out]. I came back last summer, with my right arm, after about 11 weeks.

“Both arms are sweet… I’ve got two plates [and] I think I’ll get them taken out when I’m done, though. Sometimes it hurts when it gets cold.

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