Boris Johnson has joined the 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' debate - Ruck

Boris Johnson has joined the ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ debate

Asked whether he would support a potential ban on the song, Boris Johnson has said he felt the issue was a distraction.

The RFU have launched a review into the ‘historical context’ of the song – which is regularly belted out by England supporters and has its lyrics written on the walls at Twickenham.  

“My only thought about this whole issue is, frankly, what people need to do, I think, is focus less on the symbols of discrimination or whatever, all these issues that people are now raising, to do with statues and songs and so on,” he told Sky News during a visit to a school in Hertfordshire.

“I can see why they’re very emotive, I understand that. But what I want to focus on is the substance of the issue,” the prime minister went on.

“I want to make sure that this is a society where people can advance on their merits, achieve fantastic things and don’t face prejudice or discrimination.”


LIST | 5 players from abroad who could be capped by England in the future

These five have shown enough ability or promise to suggest they may be future England stars in waiting.

Foreign-born stars, such as Nathan Hughes and the Vunipola brothers, have already shown how integral they can be for the Red Rose after making the step up to International rugby.

Here are five players who could pull on the white jersey in the future:

1. Ruan Ackermann – Gloucester (South Africa)

His Dad Johan Ackermann, who departed as Gloucester boss for Japan earlier this month, confirmed that his son will be staying with the Cherry & Whites to persue international honours, and has already been in contact with Eddie Jones. The imposing number eight qualify for England on residency grounds in August 2020 — just four months before World Rugby’s new eligibility laws kick in.