Boys refuse to play in tournament without banned female teammate

A group of boys refused to take to the footy field without their girl team mate despite being told they wouldn’t earn any points if she played. 

The team eventually took to the pitch but forfeited all their points for the tournament so their valued team-mate could play.

Briar Hales, 11, a Year 7 Havelock North Intermediate student had to pull out of her team following the disapproval of five school principals who opposed her playing with the boys.

She has played since she was five – always in mixed teams and often as the only girl. She also plays 11th grade for her club, Tamatea.


They lost each of the five matches they played in the tournament, not that it mattered to Briar. 

‘We tried our best, we got involved, and did really well,’ Briar said.

‘Thanks to Dad and my team.

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