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BREAKING: Six Nations format to change from 2026

In a groundbreaking development, rugby authorities are on the brink of reaching an agreement to trim the Six Nations tournament from its traditional seven-week duration to a more compact six-week format.

According to a report by The Times, the proposed alteration involves scrapping the second fallow week to accommodate a fourth autumn international weekend, which will become imperative with the introduction of the much-anticipated Nations Championship in 2026.

The Nations Championship concept, eagerly awaited by fans worldwide, aims to foster exhilarating showdowns between teams from the northern and southern hemispheres.

It will feature a thrilling trilogy of clashes during the summer and autumn windows, culminating in a captivating Grand Final weekend towards the end of November.

The decision to truncate the Six Nations calendar by eliminating an international week has been primarily driven by the influential French clubs.

Unwilling to surrender their star players to international duty more frequently than they already do, these clubs have been strong advocates for this change.


Notably, prominent figures such as Warren Gatland have voiced concerns about the potential impact of condensing the Six Nations on player welfare.

Nevertheless, the recent gathering of rugby representatives from across the globe in London has brought the prospect of shortening the prestigious tournament and introducing the eagerly awaited Nations Championship one step closer to realization. Exciting times lie ahead for rugby enthusiasts as the sport enters a new era of competition and spectacle.

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