Brian Moore challenges controversial businessman to boxing match to settle Twitter spat

England legend Brian Moore has challenged businessman Arron Banks to meet him in boxing ring and to prove he’s “not all mouth,” after the pair got into a heated spat on Twitter.

The former hooker –who won 64 caps for England between 1987 and 1995– challenged Banks on Sunday night to a “charity boxing match” to prove the ‘Leave.EU’ co-founder wasn’t just another “keyboard warrior.”

Banks –who said he’d “think about it”– had taunted the 58 year-old former sports star by claiming that he eats “nasty little socialist babies like you for breakfast.”

The feud began after a tweet from Moore, who posted New Labour’s list of “achievements”, was responded to by Banks, who branded the list a “roll of shame.”

If Moore vs Banks in the ring does become reality, they would follow a long line of celebrity boxing matches in aid of charity.

Most notably in 2002 British comedy producer and actor Ricky Gervais took on British entrepreneur Grant Bovey live on BBC, with ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’ funnyman winning the three-round contest on a split decision.

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