Brian O'Driscoll slams 'helmet' serial pitch invader after Twickenham antics - Ruck

Brian O’Driscoll slams ‘helmet’ serial pitch invader after Twickenham antics

Notorious pitch invader Daniel Jarvis almost struck again at Twickenham yesterday as England sung their national anthem against Ireland in the Six Nations.

Brian O’Driscoll was one famous name to slam his behaviour, tweeting: “This helmet had it coming. It wasn’t funny the first time. A couple of days in the clink would soften his cough.”


BBC and ITV Six Nations pundits ranked by fan popularity

#16. Andy Nicol (Scotland) – BBC

Wales Online: “Can be as dank and drizzly as the weather north of the border. At times even the ITV adverts can offer a little bit more enjoyment than a piece of half-time analysis on the BBC from the 23-times capped former Dark Blue scrum-half.”

#15. Jonathan Davies (Wales) – BBC

#14. Sir Clive Woodward (England) – ITV

Wales Online: “You get the sense England’s 2003 World Cup-winning coach is more suited to the column inches of a newspaper that the TV airwaves. Especially on ITV where due to the commitment to constant commercial breaks there’s very little time to go into in-depth analysis which was Woodward’s forte when coaching the Red Rose.”

#13. Chris Paterson (Scotland) – BBC


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