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‘Bulls*** behaviour’ – Why Gatland banished Marler and Sexton

#2. Sean O’Brien (Ireland)

O’Brien, who was a key player during the drawn Test series against the All Blacks, claimed that the Lions squad had been over-trained leading up to the first Test and was critical of Gatland and his coaching staff.

Gatland described the Ireland flanker’s comments as “words without a solution” and questioned O’Brien’s own preparation for matches.

Speaking to Mail on Sunday, Gatland said: “My thing to Sean is, if he can look himself in the mirror and say ‘I was the most professional person on tour, on and off the field, in New Zealand’, in terms of the way he prepared himself, then I think his points would be more valid.”

It’s fair to say, we doubt O’Brien is on Gatz Christmas card list.


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