Can you identify all 12 Premiership stadiums from a single picture? Put your knowledge to the test in our quiz

  • We’ve collated pictures of all 12 current Premiership stadiums
  • The photographs are obscure viewpoints with club colours blurred out
  • Can you identify which club each stadium belongs to from the four options?
Most rugby fans can identify the iconic stadiums of the Premier League without a second’s delay.

But the stadiums of the not-quite-so-famous teams aren’t quite as easy to place.

Especially if the photograph is of an obscure viewpoint of the stadium, with all club colours blurred out, some of which are in fading light

Throw in the fact that many of the newer stadiums have a very similar look and it gets harder still.

So, your challenge this week is to identify all 12 Premiership stadiums from a single picture, with four possible options.

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