Cardiff women’s rugby team strip NAKED for 2019 charity calendar

With just a few carefully placed rugby balls and just a pair of knee-high socks, these ladies weren’t afraid to get their kit off.

The morning of the shoot, there were a few nerves but after they got past the awkwardness of it, all of the girls were laughing and having fun with it.

The daring sportswomen posed for risque photographs in aid of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel.

Coppafeel’s aim is to ‘help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer’ by educating the importance of getting to know your own boobs.

They are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to only create awareness amongst young people so that they can get to know their bodies and know when something is wrong and right.

“For me, this is a charity close to my heart as my mum has gone through the process of getting, fighting and surviving breast cancer, so it is very important that we educate women and men on how to check themselves!” said Rosie Foley, the President of Cardiff University Ladies.

“Not only is this naked calendar raising money for a charity with a great cause it is also promoting body confidence no matter what shape or size.

“With women’s rugby each position requires and shows a different body shape, no one is the same. We also wanted to show that no matter what size you are you can give rugby a go!

“Women’s rugby is growing year on year and so this is something which might tempt some women to try rugby out!


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