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How close did the supercomputer come with its predictions today…

QBE Business Insurance have given predicting the Autumn Internationals a go.

The insurance company are global leaders in calculating insurance, however instead of predicting the impact upon businesses across varying potential catastrophes they have decided to predict the scores of the 22 autumn internationals.

The actuaries at QBE have used a complex mathematical formula to simulate every match this November 10,000 times, resulting in a precise scoreline being generated for each.

The variables range from the obvious to the obscure, including the number of caps won by individual players, weather conditions and world ranking position.

Here’s how close they came (not very):

Actual result: Wales 21-29 Australia
QBE prediction: Wales 20-24 Australia

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Actual result: England 21-8 Argentina
QBE prediction: England 38-21 Argentina


Actual result: Ireland – 38-3 South Africa
QBE prediction: Ireland 20-20 South Africa

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Actual result: France 5-35 New Zealand (half-time
QBE prediction: France 16-35 New Zealand

Actual result: Scotland 44-38 Samoa
QBE prediction: Scotland 31-22 Samoa

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