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Clubs exploring the idea of introducing ‘away ends’ to create a better atmosphere

Harlequins fans have pioneered the away block in rugby with their loyal away supporter creating an incredible atmosphere at both Bristol and Brentford in recent weeks.

According to The Telegraph, London Irish officials are now having serious conversations about introducing an away fan section for their home games moving forward.

Some fans wrote the typical response to this idea: “Please do not let rugby become football,”

However, other fans are more open to the idea, saying it: “might be the thing that cuts through the stereotype around rugby as a largely middle class/elitist sport and attracts a younger, more diverse demographic of spectator.” 

Opinions on introducing them are sure to split (as you can see below), but there’s no question that recent atmospheres have stirred a serious discussion among fans, players and officials.



Five tiny changes that would make international rugby immediately better

We’re all slaves to the juggernaut it’s become, but there are still plenty of ways to make International rugby even better.

1. Scrap anthem singers

They’re good, fantastic in fact. However, whenever just fans and players sing an anthem on their own it feels a lot more epic. Listen to this example of Wales singing their anthem as evidence enough…


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