10 Things That SERIOUSLY Annoy Every Rugby Player

10 things that SERIOUSLY annoy rugby players

It doesn’t matter at which level you play rugby, these 10 things will always annoy you until the day you finally hang up your boots…and probably after.

1. Keeping a Cool Head
Standing there respectfully whilst the referee berates you, even though you know that you are in the right and they are completely wrong.

2. Just This
When you dive over to score a try, not realising it’s a bog.


3. The Whistle
There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when you run the length of the pitch to score a glorious try only to have to sprint back to where you started from because you didn’t hear the referee’s whistle.

4. Empty Bottles
Trying to get a drink of water from every bottle during a break in play only to find they’re all empty!