Dai Young reveals reasons behind England internationals sudden Wasps exit

Matt Mullan was unable to give rugby his ‘full focus’ leading to his Wasps contract being ended by mutual agreement.

Director of rugby Dai Young revealed the 31-year-old has off-the-field matters that drained his motivation for rugby.

“Matt has got a number of things off the field that needs his attention and focus,” said Young.

“And in doing that pretty much drained his motivation to play rugby or get back from his injury.

“So Matt felt it was best to have a clean break from that and we agreed. That’s as much as we can say on the

“But people forget that players have personal lives. And things happen in personal lives that people have to spend a lot of their focus and energy on to put it back on the track they want it to go down.

“Rugby very quickly came second behind that and he hasn’t got the same motivation as he’s had in the past.

“Matt felt it best to cut ties with us and have a break. But who knows what he’ll do in the future. He goes with our best. wishes.”

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