Danny Cipriani reveals his 'most shameful' moment in bid to help others suffering like Caroline Flack - Ruck

Danny Cipriani reveals his ‘most shameful’ moment in bid to help others suffering like Caroline Flack

Danny Cipriani has released an emotional message to fans via Instagram – after his ex Caroline Flack tragically died last weekend.

The rugby star, who used to play for Wasps, in Coventry, spoke out to Instagram followers, revealing he previously attempted to buy a gun to kill himself when he was 22.

In her final hours before she took her own life, tragic Caroline, 40, had tried to reach out to her ex Danny to talk.

But the rugby star sadly missed her call because he was playing a match.

In the video, a tearful Cipriani said: “So someone that I loved as a person very dearly and someone I’m very close to has decided to take her own life as every knows.

“I was so vulnerable with her in my moments when we first met, and I told her everything about me because I felt safe with her.


“So I told her all the things I was embarrassed and shameful about. She made me feel okay.

“And ultimately it was embarrassment and shame that killed her.

“So I’m telling everyone now what my most embarrassing and shameful moments are because I know she knew I had the strength to do this.

“And we had spoken about how things had to change.”

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