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Danny Cipriani’s simple full body home workout

England and Gloucester star Danny Cipriani revealed his simple but effective home workout when speaking to Men’s Health in 2013.

Simple full body home workout:

1. Bulgarian split squat (8 reps each leg)

Cipriani’s tip “Really sit back on it – you should feel this in your glutes.”

2. Standard press-up (12 reps)

Cipriani’s tip “Fire these out as fast as you can, but don’t arch your back.”

3. Standard sit-up (8 reps)

Cipriani’s tip “These hit your hips and core”

4. Lying hip raise (10 reps)

Cipriani’s tip “These are also a really good way to warm up before deadlifts or squats.”

5. Dumbbell front raise (8 reps)

Cipriani’s tip “Use lighter weights to get a full range of movement through your shoulders.”


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