DEPARTURES: Harlequins confirm their full list of leavers - Ruck

DEPARTURES: Harlequins confirm their full list of leavers

Harlequins have confirmed their full departure list with 18 players departing Twickenham Stoop.

Paying tribute to the Harlequins set to leave the Club, Head of Rugby Paul Gustard said: “As always at the end of a season, and unfortunately during these unprecedented times the end of contracts, we have to say goodbye to some of our Quins.

“The players leaving us all move on to the next chapter of their lives and careers, and as a Club we wish them the very best of health, luck and fortune in their future endeavours.

“It is a strange year as we have not been able to say goodbye as we normally would, nor have our fans had the opportunity to show the players their gratitude in the conventional way. However, in no way does that diminish the appreciation or thanks for their efforts on and off the field of play during their time in the Quarters.

“It is a privilege to be a Harlequin and be part of this club’s history and I know the boys can be proud of their time with us as much as we are thankful for theirs.

“On behalf of the Club I wish them and their families all the best as they move and as we say – once a Quin always a Quin.

“Thank you, boys.”

  1. -Francis Saili
  2. – Harry Barlow
  3. – James Bourton
  4. – Niall Saunders
  5. – Kyle Sinckler
  6. – Lloyd Wheeldon
  7. – Luke James
  8. – Mark Lambert
  9. – Max Crumpton
  10. – Nick Auterac
  11. – Phil Swainston
  12. – Renaldo Bothma
  13. – Rob Buchanan
  14. – Semi Kunatani
  15. – Toby Freeman
  16. – Tom Penny
  17. – Travis Ismaiel
  18. – Vereniki Goneva


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