Doddie Weir meets with rugby league star after MND diagnosis

Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow met with Doddie Weir just six days after his devastating motor neurone disease diagnosis – and says it has inspired him for the battle ahead.

Burrow said: “I saw Doddie get the award on Sunday night and watched his documentary on Monday – it was inspiring before even meeting him.

“In fact if I hadn’t have met him, I was still inspired enough to kick on.

“Me talking to Doddie was amazing, so if I could do that in a year’s time for somebody that’s just started, that’s great.

“Awareness is massive – in 10 years’ time they might heal somebody and find a cure so I’m keen to help.

“I’m young, 37, when the average age is about 60 – older people might give up but I’m not going to.

“The average lifespan is three years, but I’m a lot younger.

“I haven’t got a goal in my head, but unrealistic is 10 years, realistic I think is five years.

“I’ll always remain positive, and with the support I’ve got around me how can I not be?”

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