DOS AND DON’TS: Top rugby nutritionist tells us just what players are allowed on Christmas Day

It’s not much fun being an athlete at Christmas!

Gloucester Rugby’s sports nutritionist James Hudson revealed to in 2017 what Christmas is like for his Premiership players.

Turkey is an excellent source of protein, a real good ‘repair food’. In truth, there’s not too much wrong with the Christmas dinner, but it’s all the trimmings and extras that can cause problems; the chocolate, cakes and cheese that appear in around Christmas are very energy dense.

Here’s his full breakdown.

  • Turkey – Yes
  • Brussel sprouts – Yes
  • Roast potatoes – Limit
  • Pigs in blankets – Limit
  • Christmas pudding – Limit just leave the Brandy butter alone!
  • Mince pies – No
  • Cheeseboard – No
  • Port – No
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