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Dylan Hartley blasts England’s ‘bull**it’ excuses

Former England captain Dylan Hartley has blasted England’s controversial debrief following their dismal 2021 Six Nations campaign.

Speaking on the RugbyPass Offload, he said: “Every organisation reviews and debriefs and consults. It’s almost like in society now we pander to everyone, we’ve got to answer to everyone.

“Review Eddie Jones, review the performance, set expectations and standards, we all know what they are; to win, to high achieve and to perform. But don’t put it in the public domain.

“It feels like one person has said make it public, and they’ve gone ‘Ohhh, we don’t want to offend that one guy. So let’s make it public.

“So for me, sitting there, I don’t understand why they’re airing their dirty laundry in public. Keep it internal.


“A faceless rugby expert has said they were fatigued. I don’t think they were fatigued. How can Saracens players be fatigued when they haven’t played any rugby?

“We were saying they needed game time, then how can you say a third of the team were fatigued. I think it’s all bull***.”

“The players need to better. The coaches need to be better. They’ve got the cattle, they got good enough players. The competition got better. They need to get better.”

Dylan Hartley names his five ‘certainties’ for 2021 Lions XV

1. Jamie George (England)

Hartley said: “At 30 years old with 50 caps, he has reached a good blend. There is a balance between his set-piece excellence and some nice little touches. I would say he is the first hooker Warren Gatland will pick for the Lions tour next year and there is nobody really challenging him.”


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