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Eddie Jones: ‘England have ongoing leadership issue’

Eddie Jones has admitted that England has an “ongoing leadership issue” following their Six Nations defeat by Scotland at Murrayfield last weekend.

England suffered just their second loss in 25 Test matches, going down 25-13 to an inspired Scottish outfit.

The 2003 World Cup winners struggled to deal with their opponents’ tactics during the first half, especially at the breakdown where the hosts were overwhelmingly dominant.

“We’ve always known that we have to improve in our leadership,” Jones told BBC Sport. “That’s an ongoing issue for us, and something that takes time and is not solved overnight.

“It takes development, intellectual input, consultation, discussion, and we are doing all those things and moving in the right direction.



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  1. I don’t think England have a leadership problem. I think their biggest problem is being English. It isn’t natural for the English to hate a foreign team with intensity. At the very highest levels it is often a passionate and controlled hatred for the opposition that will tip the balance. Many England players still regard International rugby as a gentlemen’s game. Other nations regard it as war or as revenge for some ancient and imagined slights. If England are to achieve the number one slot they need someone who can give them ‘Kime’ or ‘The eye of the tiger’. They need to learn how to fight with vindictive malice and with a joy when they flatten an opponent. They must hate so hard that they will not lay down – to hate so hard that they can find the energy to psychologically defeat their opponents before the game begins. Other teams must be the enemy when the whistle blows and defeated enemies afterward. They must make other teams fear them and that doesn’t come from just playing good rugby and training hard it comes from a practised desire to destroy the other team. (within the rules).

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