Eddie Jones loses his cool with BBC reporter, saying he is "sick" of them - Ruck

Eddie Jones loses his cool with BBC reporter, saying he is “sick” of them

England head coach Eddie Jones didn’t hold back on his opinions about media scrutiny after his side’s win over Wales…

Here is the full post match interview after England beat Wales 12-6 at Twickenham.

This is the full transcript of the exchange between the pair:

Chris Jones: Kicking game – it looked from the commentary position that it was far superior?

Eddie Jones: Pretty good kicking game, yep, yep.

CJ: Ford and Farrell, both on the money, as ever, on that front?

EJ: Outstanding. And I thought our back three today were super. Mike Brown… you know, you guys all tell me –

CJ: He was good today, wasn’t he?

EJ: You guys tell me he can’t play Test rugby, and now you’re telling me he’s good.

CJ: Oh I don’t know that’s quite fair, Eddie…

EJ: You guys are unbelievable. Fair dinkum, you guys are unbelievable.

CJ: In what way?

EJ: You’re always criticising him, and now he has a good game, you’re all on the bandwagon.

CJ: I don’t think you can treat the whole media as one –

EJ: Oh, I think we can. I think we can. And I’m sick of it, mate.

CJ: Well you’re on for three Six Nations in a row and your record is pretty outstanding so from your point of view –


EJ: And you guys are better selectors than we are. That’s what you think you are. And now he [Brown] plays a good game, you’re all on the bandwagon.

CJ: Ok, but I think most people agree that Mike Brown was excellent today –

EJ: He’s been excellent for 23 games for us. so I don’t know what was different today.

CJ: Anyone else you want to single out apart from Mike?

EJ: I thought Jonny May and Anthony Watson on the wings, I thought Ford and Farrell and our tight five was exceptional.

CJ: Thanks for your time, Eddie.