Eddie Jones reveals why Mike Brown didn't make his World Cup squad - Ruck

Eddie Jones reveals why Mike Brown didn’t make his World Cup squad

Eddie Jones believes test rugby has evolved into a hybrid of the NFL and football in the past 12 months, which has resulted in Mike Brown missing out on his World Cup squad.

“Brown is a great fullback.” said Jones.

“He’s a great defensive fullback, but we feel, the way we want to play, we need a fullback who can attack and with pace. Fortunately for us, Daly and Watson are our best options.

“The game keeps changing. I see this game now where it is basically a mixture of NFL and soccer. You have got the first three phases that are basically all power and precision. Then you have the kick-return game which then becomes football.

“That sort of analogy for us became clear in the last 12 months and that’s why we’ve gone to having a more X-factor type fullback who can be more commanding in that more unstructured rugby.”


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