Wales legend Scott Quinnell reveals England forward was his toughest opponent

Wales legend Scott Quinnell has revealed his toughest opponent from his incredible international career.

He won more than 50 caps for Wales, coming up against some of the best players in the world.

“They were all tough but the one I respected the most was Richard Hill of Saracens, England and the Lions,” revealed Quinnell

“I was lucky enough to play with him and unfortunately against him too many times. He was a fantastic player.

What rugby stars did next – the weird jobs they had after retirement

A professional rugby player has an approximate 10-12 years at the highest level.

Some have longer playing careers while some extremely short ones.

A lot of players stay within the game in some way, but there are, however, a select few who pursued a career that is nothing related to rugby.

We look at the nine weirdest career changes made by Rugby players.

1. Richie McCaw – Commercial helicopter pilot

The legendary All Blacks No 7 has revealed his plans for life after rugby having announced his retirement from the sport. When asked how he would fill his days now without the sport, he said: “I am heavily involved in the Christchurch Helicopters company, they are great people and I’m excited about the opportunities there. Aviation is something I’m passionate about, I’m going to carry on flying and work towards getting my commercial pilot licence.”