Eight great reasons why you should date a rugby chick

Eight great reasons why you should date a rugby chick

Today’s blog is devoted to the sport I love and have been playing for years. Not everyone understands why you play this crazy sport, especially guys… but for a large proportion they actually think it’s kinda cool so here’s a bit of a fun blog and my reasons you should date a rugby chick:

1. She can watch the rugby with you…without asking about the rules.

Thats right! You can watch the six nations over the next few weeks and she’ll understand exactly what’s going on and will not complain about watching it! What’s even better, she probably enjoys watching other sports so will watch the footy or other teams you support

2. She can most likely down a pint (not me though)

Girls also have to down a pint when you get awarded man of the match and let me tell you I have seen some girls out drink most guys and be even rowdier on nights out when on team socials. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with this gift and the majority of said liquid will end up down my front also I am definitely what is called a ‘light weight’ but cheaper nights out for me right?

3. You don’t have to carry her bags as you know she should be strong

Next time you’re on a food shop watch her take 8 bags like some sort of strange octopus just to prove that she’s strong and doesn’t need your help or any mans help for that matter