Rugby legend undertaking 24 hour bike ride for charity

Rugby legend undertaking 24 hour bike ride for charity

Newcastle legend Tom May is undertaking a 24-hour bike today to raise money for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

The  38-year-old, who made way over 300 Premiership and won two England caps, has raised over £13,125 already, but there is still time for you to donate.


“On 28th April this year, my beautiful little niece was born in Pembury Hospital in Kent.” wrote May.

“Within hours my sister Lucy noticed something wasn’t quite right. Over time it became clear that Tallulah had Down Syndrome which was a massive surprise to everyone, including my sister and brother in law Mike.

“A life-changing moment for us all but there is no doubt that little Tallulah will be loved so much even though there will be immensely tough times for everyone, especially Lucy & Mike.

I”‘m taking on what sounds like a massive challenge to help raise funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association which supports those who have to change so much to look after the amazing little children that have this syndrome.

“This will probably break me physically but the pain won’t be anything compared to the tough times that ALL of the families have to deal with when they find themselves in this situation.

“I’m starting at 4pm on Friday 6th October and will finish the next day at 4pm. I have two Watt Bikes and will be calling on some friends to come and help me through.”



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