England Rugby World Cup winner gets married to long-term partner - Ruck

England Rugby World Cup winner gets married to long-term partner

Level three personal trainer, fitness star, and motivational speaker Vicky Fleetwood is no stranger to the spotlight. As an international rugby player, she has captivated audiences with her dynamic performances.

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Once a hooker for England before transitioning to the back-row, Vicky recently married her long-term partner, Thomas Chapman.

From discovering her love for rugby as a teenager to playing a key role in England’s 2014 Rugby World Cup victory, Vicky has been a fervent advocate for the sport, striving to increase female participation.

Renowned for her remarkable physique and fierce determination, Vicky exemplifies dedication both on and off the field.

How can we encourage more teenage girls into the sport?

Lots of girls are put off by the contact side of rugby. If that’s the case, you can play tag or touch. Otherwise, I’d say to just give the full contact game a go! You will be taught how to tackle and how to fall and it’s never as scary as you think it will be.

What makes the game great is that there is a position for everyone and you play to your strengths. The friendship and camaraderie that come with rugby are a huge reason I think more girls should try it. It’s probably quite different to anything they’ve tried before, and who knows; they may love it.

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The England forward kicks off our list, although her abs are not what you’d traditionally expect from a flanker. Her tips and tricks in the gym combined with her snaps from inside the England camp make her well worth the follow.