England star Chris Ashton opens up about Coronavirus hell - Ruck

England star Chris Ashton opens up about Coronavirus hell

Harlequins speedster Chris Ashton is certain he had coronavirus after being bedridden by the worst flu of his life.

The 33-year-old explained how he had brutally been struck down by Covid-19 symptoms.

“Coronavirus hit me hard,” Ashton told the BBC. 

“I had fever, a sore throat, aches, loss of smell and taste. I was pretty whacked for a whole week. Now my mum has got it because she was here helping with the kids. She is 63, so not good. 

“Melissa [Ashton’s wife] is all right, though, she’s Serbian. She is rock solid.

“No [I didn’t get tested], not enough tests are there. I just went off symptoms and how bad I felt. I couldn’t get out of bed. I am never really ill.”


Harlequins teammate Danny Care also believes he may have had Coronavirus.

“I don’t think I had it half as bad as what Ashy did,” said the scrum-half.

“I had a lot of those same symptoms, but mine only lasted for two or three days and then it petered out.”

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