England star reveals he 'considered his future' after year of injury problems - Ruck

England star reveals he ‘considered his future’ after year of injury problems

England star Ben Te’o says his injury problems of the past year left him contemplating his future in the sport.

The 31-year-old now hopes to return in the “earlier part” of the new season.

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“You have a couple of injuries back to back and you start to wonder ‘is this worth it?'” Te’o said.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “A lot of players would feel the same. I’ve come back from some tough injuries, and once you’re back it’s brilliant, but the time off is tough.

“When I was getting ready for surgery for my quad, I was laying in the bed with the gown on, about to go under [the knife] again, and I was thinking ‘I can’t believe I am going under again for another op’ – more crutches and all that.


“But sometimes that’s the way it goes with injuries. You can have a couple of good years, and then sometimes it can go back to back to back and you just can’t get away from it.

“I’m praying and hoping I can get fit and play, and [an injury] doesn’t come back. [It’s been] frustrating.”

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