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LIST | England’s 10 oldest-ever debutants

It’s every boy’s dream to play for his national side.

From the moment you first pick up a ball, all the way through until you hang up your boots, no matter what level you play at, the belief is always there that one day you’ll pick up the phone to hear the England boss on the other end. 

For professional players, international call-ups are something that they strive to earn, and historically are considered the most prestigious of honours.

Some players burst onto the scene at an early age, others have to wait to get their chance of a cap.

For some rugby players, however, that elusive first international appearance doesn’t come until they are well and truly in the twilight of their careers.

We take a look at the top ten eldest debutants, since 1987, to ever play for the England national side.

Oldest England Rugby debutants

10. Hendre Fourie – 31 years, 48 days

9. Jim Mallinder – 31 years, 76 days

8. Roy Winters – 31 years, 146 days


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