Treatment in Australia 'demeaning and disrespectful' says Jones

England’s treatment in Australia ‘demeaning and disrespectful’ says Eddie Jones

  • England’s treatment so far in Australia has been “demeaning and disrespectful”, says head coach Eddie Jones
  • The men in white beat the Wallabies in Australia for only the fourth time with a 39-28 victory in Saturday’s first Test
  • But Jones was unhappy with a promotional video before the game, as well as a question asked by former Wallabies flanker Steve Hoiles afterwards
Eddie Jones has branded Australia’s jibes ‘disgusting and disrespectful’ after England’s stunning victory in Brisbane.

The Australian objected to what he felt was an inappropriate question asked by former Wallabies flanker Steve Hoiles at the post-match press conference and was incensed by a sneering TV advert.

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Jones, who gave Hoiles his international debut when he was the Wallabies coach in 2004, reacted angrily to the “ridiculous” question and claimed it was testament to the treatment his squad have received during the tour, including a mocking promotional video for the series by Fox Sports.

Reacting to the advert, Jones said: “You’ve seen the promotions and the kind of questions we get. It’s quite demeaning and disrespectful to the team, so we’re not going to let this opportunity pass.

“Without a doubt we’ve been disrespected. You get that sort of ridiculous question from Hoiles.

“The team has been disrespected. I’m not worried about myself, I can handle myself. Don’t worry about that. I don’t talk about it to the team. We talk about rugby.”

Former Australia hooker Kearns branded Jones “fanatical” last week and claimed any success England enjoy under his guidance will be short term only.

“I’m sure they are all going to be lining up this week,” added Jones.

“There has been a row of ex-Wallabies so far – you’ve had Hoiles, you’ve had Simon Poidevin and you’ve had Kearns.

“David Campese has got to be somewhere. He’s coming for sure. I can see next week something is going to happen.

“It’s not important for us to earn respect, it’s important for us to win. That’s the only thing. This is about us, not about Australia.

“We want the England team to be strong, we want to play good rugby and to do that, it’s about us.”

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