Every Autumn International squad's average age ranked from oldest to youngest

Every Autumn International squad’s average age ranked from oldest to youngest

Ahead of the 2017 Autumn Internationals, which team has the youngest squad?

England have been praised this term for their youthful approach to the game, with Eddie Jones integrating talented youngsters like Sam Underhill ahead of established stars such as James Haskell.

But which country has the youngest and which are the oldest? RUCK have taken a look at the data and reveal the average age of every squad, ranked from oldest to youngest.

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10. Scotland’s squad is the oldest heading into the 2017 Autumn Internationals with an average age of 26.46-years-old. 

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9. The average age of Ireland’s squad is 26.45-years-old. 

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8. The average age of Italy’s squad is 26.12-years-old. 

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